BOATS - medium


A medium sized canvas boat. Designed with younger children in mind. This boat is very robust and very securely sewn. It will float well in water, but it must be dried thoroughly after becoming wet. (For children who are wanting a boat for serious adventures, I would recommend the 'outdoor canvas boats' further down the list!).

Cotton canvas, cotton binding, cotton tape


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Hand wash or machine wash in warm water with mild washing liquid. Marks can be scrubbed using a soft brush. Line dry, or put in dryer.  

The fabric will soften slightly when washed. It may also crease - stretching the fabric while wet will help remove creases.



base - approx. 14cm x 26cm

height at ends - approx. 10cm

These boats are normally plain undyed canvas on the inside, and light green canvas on the outside. It is possible to have other colours on the outside - please contact me if you would like a choice.
If you would like to buy imaginary play cushions or tiny dolls with your boat, please let me know the quantities, and I will work out a price for you. Tiny dolls are generally recommended for children aged around 2 or older as they are quite small to handle.