A heavy duty, waxed canvas boat - with two large, and five small imaginary play cushions. A set which can help set the scene for numerous adventures. Great used outside, together with whatever natural resources are available - sticks, leaves, stones, shells, driftwood, puddles etc!

The boat is made from waxed cotton canvas, polyester binding and polyester cord. The imaginary play cushions come in a variety of colours + textures, and can be stuffed with wool or polyester. For more information on them, please see the 'cloth doll' section of the website.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Hand wash in warm water with mild washing liquid. Marks can be scrubbed using a soft brush. Dry flat, or line dry. Do not machine wash, do not put in dryer, do not iron.  

The fabric will soften slightly when washed. It may also crease - stretching the fabric while wet will help remove creases.



base - approx. 14cm x 31cm

height at ends - approx. 10cm

The waxed cotton canvas is Olive Green coloured. There is a choice of colours for the cord which is tied onto the boats - red, pink, orange etc - please contact me if you have a preference. The standard colour is green, red, blue and black flecks, as in the photos.
imaginary play cushions come in a wide range of colours and textures - please let me know which colours you prefer. Stuffing can be wool or polyester.