IMAGINATIVE PLAY CUSHIONS - organic bamboo/cotton - small


An organic bamboo/cotton version of the small imaginative play cushions. Beautiful for children to use in their imaginary play. (The larger version of this cushion is recommend for very young children.)

Fabric dyed for plainlycanvas in Auckland, using GOTS approved standards. (Global Organic Textile Standard)


100% New Zealand wool stuffing (washed and processed using ecologically sensitive methods). These cushions have a natural wool smell (ie. they smell slightly like sheep!) This will lessen over time, and as the cushions are washed - or - polyester stuffing. 



- cold or warm gentle hand wash (if possible, use wool washing laundry liquid), very brief spin to remove excess moisture, line dry. On very hot days, dry in the shade. On a good drying day, the cushions could be gently squeezed, rather then briefly spun.



approx. 9cm tall x 6cm wide

fabric colour - yellow, green, blue and pink

stuffing - wool or polyester