The smaller of the imaginative play cushions. These have been made to look a little like animals or people (they don’t have faces, so could also be used as buildings, cars, or anything else a child may want them to be). They are made from natural coloured, textured fabric. It is easy to imagine them as woodland creatures.


100% New Zealand wool stuffing (washed and processed using ecologically sensitive methods). These cushions have a natural wool smell (ie. they smell slightly like sheep!) This will lessen over time, and as the cushions are washed. 


 polyester stuffing



Wool - cold or warm gentle hand wash (always use recommended wool washing laundry liquid), very brief spin to remove excess moisture, line dry. On very hot days, dry in the shade. On a good drying day, the cushions could be gently squeezed, rather then briefly spun.

Polyester - can be machine washed, but hand washing and line drying when possible is recommended. 


approx. 9cm tall x 5cm wide

fabric colour - cream, beige, brown or black

stuffing - wool or polyester

please contact me if you would like to choose from a wider range of fabric colours

Imaginative play cushions are also available with sheets (see list below this product) and with boats (please see the 'accessories' section of the website)