LARGE BOAT BED - with mattress, pillow and bedcover

A mystical 'boat shaped' doll's bed - inspired by fairy tales and designed to stand up to outdoor use. Made from heavy duty waterproof canvas.

NB: The fabric and the stitching on this bed are very strong, but when the fabric is squashed, it needs to be pushed back into place. For that reason, these beds are most suited for older children who are able to manage the flexible nature of the material. I am now adding velcro closing flaps to the handles - photos below.

The mattress, pillow and bed cover are securely sewn from washable cotton. The bedcovers are square so that they easily cover dolls, soft toys etc. Polyester stuffing makes the bedding easy to wash and dry.

The bed has small loops at the tip of each end so that it can be suspended above the ground.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Hand wash the canvas bed in warm water with mild washing liquid. Marks can be scrubbed using a soft brush. Dry flat, or line dry. Do not machine wash, do not put in dryer, do not iron.The fabric will soften when the bed is washed. It will also crease a little - stretching the fabric while wet will help remove creases.   

Mattresses can be machine washed and dried. Hand washing, or a gentle machine wash is recommended for bed covers and pillows which have been made from vintage fabric.



approx. 26cm wide x 46cm long 

Large boat beds are available in blue, green, brown and maroon.

All mattresses are blue and cream stripes. Pillows and bed covers are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Some of the fabrics I use are vintage bed covers and sheets (I use the sections around the outside of the sheets so that the fabric is still robust). I also use a range of new fabrics. Please let me know if you have a preference.

If you let me know your colour preferences, I will send photos of beds with linen, and you can choose your favourite.