A mystical 'boat shaped' canvas bed, designed for the tiny dolls. Extremely hard wearing - sewn to last a long, long time. 

A small pillow, mattress and sheet can be sewn up using fabric scraps. These accessories are small enough to be sewn by hand, if you don't have a machine. Older children may like to make their own bed linen.  (The pillow, mattress, sheet and tiny doll are also available to buy - the full sets can be found in the 'doll and bed set' product list).

The bed is tough enough to be used outside. It can be scrubbed clean using a nail brush. Just be careful not to leave it sitting around damp - it needs to be properly dried.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - If possible, hand wash in warm water with mild washing liquid, spin for a short time (less than one minute). On a hot day you needn’t spin at all. Stretch back into shape, hang in the sun until dry. On very hot days, dry in the shade. 

The fabric will soften when the bed is washed. It will also crease a little - stretching the fabric while wet will help remove creases. Hanging the product out dripping wet, rather than spinning, will greatly reduce creasing.



approx. 9cm x 12cm