VELCRO PANELS - for small floor storage bag


A velcro panel designed to fit around the outside of the small floor storage bag.

Canvas backing with a velcro strip for attaching circles.

There are velcro strips at either end of the panel. This allows it to be attached around the bag. It is removable, so children are also able to use it as a seperate resource. There is a small loop at either end of the panel, so it can be attapted to fit other locations using a strong piece of cord or twine. 

Possible places to attach a velcro panel include - around pieces of wood or poles, around the top of cane baskets, around the outside of storage boxes. 


SAFETY WARNING: If using cord, care is needed to ensure the panel is attached securely, and the cord is out of the way ie. it is not tied in such a way that the cord could be a safety hazard. Any item the panel is attached to, needs to be sturdy/heavy enough to not tip over when the velcro circles are removed. Please be aware that if you attach the panel to a fence or deck railings, children may be able to use it as a foot hold for climbing.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS -  If possible, hand wash in warm water with mild washing liquid, spin for a short time (less than one minute). On a hot day you needn’t spin at all. Stretch back into shape, hang in the sun until dry. On very hot days, dry in the shade. Main material can be ironed. Do not iron handles.

This product will shrink when first washed, and the fabric will soften. It will also crease - stretching the fabric while wet will help remove creases. Hanging the product out dripping wet, rather than spinning, will greatly reduce creasing. If you wash the velcro panel before you wash the small floor storage bag, you will notice that the panel fits tightly around the bag. It will fit comfortably again once you have washed the bag - both products will shrink the same amount when washed.


size (after washing) 

approx. 9.5cm x 105cm

the velcro panel, small floor storage bag and 10 fabric circles are available as a set. Please see - products - storage options.