A set of 3 small carry bags, 4 textured fabric circles, 6 lightweight fabric circles, one large velcro panel and a NZ macrocarpa wooden holder. 
These sets provide a great storage system for the small bags and fabric circles. They makes a very attractive display for children to make use of as they choose. They also gives children the opportunity to interact with a variety of fabric textures, colours and patterns, including velvet, which is well known for it's beautiful texture. (Hand washing of the fabric circles is recommended - especially the velvet ones!)  

The wooden holder is designed to fit between standard timber wall joists. It attaches to the wall with 2 screws in each end. Screws are provided.

Please see the individual products for washing instructions.

Please let me know any colour and pattern preferences you have for the fabric circles.


Main board - 65cm wide, 10 cm high, 2cm deep. Wall attachments - approx 22cm high, 2cm wide, 2cm deep (the width and depth of the attachment boards may vary). There is 60cm between the 2 sets of screw holes.