RAG DOLL TOPS - reversible

Reversible dolls tops for the rag dolls. Made up in a wide range of colours and textures - two different looks in one! The tops have no exposed seams, and are very easy for children to put on and take off. They are sewn extremely securely, and designed to last a very long time. They are great for use in Early Childhood Settings, and also perfect as a very long lasting piece of clothing for a special toy. 

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A wide range of colours, patterns and textures available, including vintage fabric. The tops often have one plain side, and the other patterned. The plain sides have a small patch of patterned fabric sewn on to the front. 

The tops do up with velcro at the back. (the corners of the velcro have been rounded, and each piece has been sewn around twice to make it more secure)

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Hand wash or gentle machine wash. Close the velcro before washing, to avoid fluff attaching to it. Line dry / dry flat if possible .   

Please let me know if you have colour preferences.