RAG DOLLS 40CM - with reversible tops and trousers

A classic Rag Doll (40cm tall) with a long pixie hat (sewn in place). Sewn together very securely. Comes with a reversible top and reversible trousers. Please click on the "Rag Doll" title for more information and photos - including the other side of the reversible clothes! 

Rag Dolls are available in 5 different skin colours - cream, light brown, mid brown, dark brown and very dark brown. 

The clothes are available in a huge range of colours and patterns! Please let me know if you are wanting a particular colour, style etc. I am happy to send photos of fabric options. The dolls clothes (like the dolls) are very carefully sewn together, there is more information about them under the individual product titles. 

The dolls can be filled with wool or polyester stuffing. Dolls filled with wool stuffing will need to be hand washed very gently, and dried in the fresh air. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.