Very useful for containing and displaying small collections of objects - shells, pegs, bangles, chains etc.

Lined to give extra strength.

Fabric dyed in NZ using GOTS approved methods.

100% cotton.

The material used for the light green bowls has been prewashed, therefore there will be minimal shrinkage. The plain coloured bowls will shrink a little, and the fabric will soften.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - If possible, hand wash in warm water with mild washing liquid, spin for a short time (less than one minute). On a hot day you needn’t spin at all. Stretch back into shape, hang in the sun until dry. On very hot days, dry in the shade. Hanging the product out dripping wet, rather than spinning, will greatly reduce creasing. Can be ironed. 


size (after washing) 

approx. 14cm diameter x 8cm high

colour - plain or light green