Very useful for storing larger collections. 

Lined. Reinforced with webbing. Generally self supporting, especially when full. Extremely hard wearing.

We use these bags for wooden bowls, a selection of magnetic wooden trains and tracks, fabric napkins and table covers, blocks etc. etc.

Can hold 4 storage cylinders. This is a very effective way to store small collections in a compact space. The labels on the bags ensure each collection is very easy to locate.

Loop velcro attachment for label. Small handle at base - can be used to access the bag if it is stored on a high shelf.

Main material and binding - 100% cotton

Thick webbing (including handles) - 98% cotton / 2% polyester


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - If possible, hand wash in warm water with mild washing liquid, spin for a short time (less than one minute). On a hot day you needn’t spin at all. Stretch back into shape, hang in the sun until dry. On very hot days, dry in the shade. Main material can be ironed. Cool iron only on thick webbing - care is needed due to the polyester content of the webbing.

This product will shrink when first washed, and the fabric will soften. It will also crease - stretching the fabric while wet will help remove creases. Hanging the product out dripping wet, rather than spinning, will greatly reduce creasing.


size (after washing) 

base - approx. 19cm x 19cm

height - approx. 26.5cm


Labels and storage cylinders sold seperately