Very simple and very useful. Perfect to store collections of small objects. Designed to fit into the shelf storage containers, but great on their own as well.

Interesting to carry things around in - you can feel the shape of the objects through the canvas.

100% cotton. Extremely hard wearing. Easy to look after.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - can be machine washed and dried, but hand washing and line drying when possible, is recommended. Hand wash in warm water with mild washing liquid, spin for a short time (less than one minute). On a hot day you needn’t spin at all. Stretch back into shape, hang in the sun until dry. On very hot days, dry in the shade. Can be ironed.

This product will shrink when first washed, and the fabric will soften. It will also crease - stretching the fabric while wet will help remove creases. Hanging the product out dripping wet, rather than spinning, will greatly reduce creasing.


size (after washing)       

approx. 10cm diameter x 24cm high